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Simplify Security with Access Control in London

When lots of people are using the same door, keeping track of the keys issued can be a nightmare. Fitting access control in London makes security easier to manage. Emergency Latches technicians will help you out with the installation of a new system, or the maintenance and repair of your existing one.

From Simple to Sophisticated

Systems range from straight-forward and low-tech, up to complex installations designed to deliver the very highest of security. Your engineer will help you find the perfect solution for your own needs. Some popular options include:

  • Door entry systems – A buzzer pressed by a caller alerts someone indoors to grant entry
  • Door phones or cameras – Door entry with the additional feature of being able to identify the visitor before letting them in
  • Mechanical keypads – The door is unlocked by entering a code, with mechanical systems it’s usual for there to be one code for all users
  • Digital pads – Useful when you want every individual to use a different code, or need to change it regularly
  • Biometric systems – Locks controlled by fingerprint or even retina scans

Start-to-Finish Support with Your Access System

Our access control support can be used whether you’re just beginning to explore the possibilities, or need help in a hurry when your existing system lets you down:

  1. Book a consultation with an access control specialist when you want to find out more about what’s on offer
  2. Your engineer will take note of what you need and match it with a suitable system
  3. Request installation only if you’ve already done your own research and purchased your access control
  4. Book maintenance or emergency repairs

Reliable Access Control Systems and Services

Access control should simplify your life. To help that happen, our service standards incorporate the following commitments:

  • Your work will be completed by a suitably qualified and experienced engineer
  • Any products supplied will be leading brands, noted for reliable and trouble-free operation
  • In emergency situations, urgent appointments are available
  • Your work and all materials used in it are guaranteed

Find Out More

  • All quotes and service requests are made through the same contact point
  • Our customer service team works around the clock
  • Installations and maintenance visits are available seven days a week
  • If your access control in London needs emergency repairs, you’ll be offered a same-day appointment