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CCTV Services in London Deter Vandals and Burglars

Stout doors and strong locks are a great start. With these in place, if you’re looking to further reduce your risk factors for crime, the next step is to ask Emergency Latches about CCTV services in London.

What CCTV Can Do For You

When you’re looking to keep your property safer, CCTV can play a very useful role. There are lots of options to choose from. Some of the possibilities include:

  • One or two external cameras set up to view doors and windows, making your property less appealing to burglars
  • External cameras to increase security in dark alleyways or car parks
  • High-definition internal cameras to act as a deterrent against shoplifters
  • Wireless cameras which can be viewed remotely over the internet
  • Home-view cameras that will allow you to check on pets or elderly relatives while you’re not at home

CCTV Advice, Installation and Ongoing Maintenance

CCTV services are offered to both domestic and business customers. Whether you already have a system in place or are just starting to think about what you need, you’ll find our security specialists an invaluable source of advice and action:

  1. Book a survey and consultation if you’re considering CCTV but need some help planning your installation
  2. Once the specifications are agreed you’ll get a comprehensive quote for supply and fitting
  3. If you already have cameras and simply want someone to set them up, that’s fine too
  4. Services are available if you already have CCTV but need either planned maintenance or emergency repairs

Specially Trained CCTV Technicians

Your CCTV work will be completed by an individual with specific training and extensive knowledge of the ways that closed-circuit television can enhance security:

  • Seeking expert advice will ensure that you get the features you need, without paying for things you don’t
  • Short notice and urgent requests are accommodated, and same-day services are often possible
  • Any cameras, fixtures and fittings provided will be recognised brands and selected to suit your specific requirements
  • Your service is delivered under insurance cover and is fully guaranteed

Find Out More About Video Security

Getting a quote or setting up a home survey for CCTV services in London only takes a few minutes:

  • Use our central customer support line to get in touch
  • Request an immediate quote or make an appointment for a technician to visit
  • Bookings are accepted for weekends or weekdays