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The Simple Way to Get an Emergency Auto Locksmith in London

Stranded at the roadside or trapped at home because you can’t unlock your car? A single phone call to Emergency Latches is all it takes to book an emergency auto locksmith in London.

When to Call a Vehicle Locksmith

A vehicle locksmith will do more for you than just get your car open if you lose your keys. Services available include:

  • Extraction of keys stuck in door or ignition locks
  • Removal of keys broken in locks
  • Opening cars, vans or any other vehicle if your keys are lost or stolen
  • Resolving lockouts caused by the failure of a transponder or remote key
  • Cutting new keys

Auto Locksmith Services Matched to Your Situation

With so many possible scenarios to deal with, our auto locksmiths are nothing if not flexible:

If your keys are simply locked in the car, the door will be opened so you can retrieve them. Stuck or broken keys are removed, and the lock is checked to understand why the problem occurred. If your key is lost, your locksmith can generally prepare a new one at the roadside. When missing keys pose a security risk your technician will recommend a lock change.

These days, auto locksmiths are as likely to use computers as they are to use traditional tools. Your technician can also reprogram your vehicle database if a transponder key is stolen or fails and resolve immobiliser problems that arise from failed transponder keys too.

The Advantages of Using a Specialist Auto Locksmith

Your locksmith will always arrive in a branded vehicle and will be wearing a company uniform, so you’ll have no difficulty in identifying them. Beyond this…

  • Your technician travels in a van which contains all the equipment and spares needed to resolve the majority of lock problems there and then
  • Key blanks are available for common makes and models found in the UK
  • When you don’t have a spare key available to act as a template, your specialist can use your VIN number to trace the key type
  • Your service is fully insured and covered by guarantee

Call an Auto Locksmith Now

Our customer support team works around the clock, so whenever you call you’ll get an immediate response:

  • You’ll get an instant quote for an emergency auto locksmith in London
  • Your worker will be dispatched as soon as you’ve requested the service
  • Average response time is 30 minutes or less