30 MIN RESPONSE TIME Emergency Latches

Emergency or Planned Lock Change in London

If you fear your security has been compromised you’ll want your lock change in London completed as quickly as possible. Other times, you’ll be able to plan your service for a day and time that suits you. Emergency Latches is always a great choice for a reliable service delivered by local security experts.

When Should You Change the Locks?

There are lots of reasons for needing replacement locks. Think of us in any of the following circumstances:

  • Tenants have left a rental property and not returned the keys
  • Your keys have been stolen along with documents that may make your property identifiable
  • The lock has been broken as a result of a forced entry
  • Your lock doesn’t function smoothly and you’d rather not wait until it breaks completely
  • Your locks are outdated and don’t provide adequate security
  • Your insurance company has requested better locks as a condition of your contents cover or offered you a discount if you upgrade

Options for Lock Replacement

If you need locks changed in an emergency you’ll be offered a fast response service, which means there will be a locksmith with you in around 30 minutes. Both complete and, for some sorts of mechanisms, partial changes are available:

  1. When just ‘changing the barrel’ and issuing new keys will do the trick you’ll be offered this as a cost-saving option
  2. Like-for-like complete lock changes are the next most economical option
  3. When you need to upgrade your lock, your technician will advise on a suitable replacement that will give the level of security you need

What You Can Count On

Quality, convenience and absolutely secure services are all built into our service model:

  • Any locks or parts used by your technician will be from respected brands which conform to British Standard codes
  • Personnel travel with a range of common locks and a full toolkit so all your work is done in a single visit
  • Your locksmith will be a qualified and certified professional who works under public and employer’s liability insurance
  • All parts supplied and labour are fully guaranteed

Finding Costs and Booking Your Lock Service

Get a quote for your lock change in London night or day:

  • Our customer support line is always live
  • You’ll get an immediate quote
  • Confirm your appointment in a single call
  • No deposit is required