30 MIN RESPONSE TIME Emergency Latches

A Guaranteed Lock Fixing Service in London

Get expert assistance in restoring security with Emergency Latches‘s lock repairs in London. This professionally delivered service is equally suited to private or domestic use and comes with all the assurances of quality and value you could wish for.

Specialist Assessment and Lock Restoration

Our locksmiths have the experience, tools and skills to work with all kinds of mechanisms and complete repair work quickly and efficiently. Call for help when:

  • Any sort of lock has been damaged by forced entry
  • Keys are hard to turn in a cylinder lock
  • Multi-point locks don’t open smoothly or are reluctant to slide into place
  • Latches have become misaligned and don’t catch
  • The cylinder of a surface-mounted rim lock turns when the key is rotated
  • The mechanism feels ‘wrong’, either too loose or too stiff
  • Electronic locks or access control systems aren’t working
  • You have problems with window locks or furniture locks

Lock Fault Diagnosis and Remedial Work

Your service will generally be delivered in the following sequence:

  1. Your locksmith will arrive bringing a complete set of tools and spare parts commonly needed for lock repairs
  2. The lock will be examined and assessed – this may involve dismantling it
  3. Repairs will be completed using the least expensive method possible consistent with ensuring that the result will be a reliable fix
  4. If the lock can’t be returned to a reliable state, or it’s inadequate for your needs, you’ll be offered lock replacement

Keeping Costs Down Without Cutting Corners

No-one wants to pay more than necessary to get a job done. But at the same time, you can’t afford to skimp on security. Your locksmiths:

  • Can be booked in an emergency, and will be with you in 30 minutes whatever time of the day or night you call
  • Non-urgent work can be pre-booked at a ‘daytime, working hours’ rate
  • Any parts used for your repairs will meet British Standards codes
  • Your work and any components used to complete it are fully guaranteed

Booking a Locksmith

Start things off by getting a quote for your lock repairs in London:

  • Our support team is on hand 24/7, so just call them – anytime
  • Describe the work you need done and get an instant quote
  • Services are available seven days a week
  • No deposit is required to reserve your appointment