30 MIN RESPONSE TIME Emergency Latches

What to Do in a Lock Out in London

If your door has slammed shut in your face, there’s no need to panic. Make a quick call to Emergency Latches and a sympathetic and skilled locksmith will help you gain entry to your property in London. The best bit is that it’s not necessary to damage your locks to get you back inside!

All Lock Out Situations Resolved

Some of the ways that a lockout can occur are obvious, others less so. Your technician will be able to sort things out for you in any of the following circumstances:

  • You lose your keys or they get stolen
  • A key breaks in a lock
  • The wind blows a door shut
  • A child or pet pushes the door shut and can’t understand how to open it
  • A latch slips and the door locks
  • The key won’t turn

The Steps Involved in Getting You Back Inside

Most lock-outs require an emergency response. Planned services for less urgent situations such as being locked out of a safe or the garden shed you rarely use are also possible. Work progresses through the following stages:

  1. Your locksmith arrives, bringing all the tools required to release your lock
  2. The lock is examined and the problem determined
  3. Remedial steps are taken to release the mechanism and get the door open
  4. With the door open the situation is reassessed – if the lock is faulty, repair or replacement is available there and then
  5. New keys are prepared if you’ve lost your only set
  6. If it’s possible that keys have been stolen, your locksmith will recommend changing the lock or barrel to maintain your security

Benefits You’ll Enjoy With This Service

You’re booking a professional service completed by a trained and certified locksmith and overseen by a reputable local firm, so you can rely on:

  • Your assistant being a security-vetted individual
  • A 30 minute response time in an emergency situation
  • Any parts or new locks supplied being of the highest quality
  • Everything backed by liability insurance and a comprehensive guarantee

Find Out Costs and Book Your Service

  • Get an instant quote for the gain entry service in London on our 24/7 customer support line
  • Confirm your booking without paying a deposit
  • Set up a safe meeting point if you don’t want to wait outside your property
  • Someone will be with you just as soon as they can be