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Your Domestic and Commercial Open Safe Service in London

Whether it’s your office vault or your home lock-box, not being able to get into your safe is bound to be inconvenient. The Emergency Latches team includes dedicated locksmiths with all the skills and tools needed to open your safe in London.

All Kinds of Safes Opened

This service is equally suited to business or private customers and for all major brands of safes. Think of us when:

  • The key snaps in a mechanical safe
  • You lose a key or forget the combination of your home wall or floor safe
  • Your office vault goes into lockdown when the wrong code or combination is used
  • Damaged or disconnected wiring means a keypad safe or strong-box won’t open
  • Dead batteries cause an electronic safe to fail
  • Bolts jam or the motor turns but nothing happens

Bespoke Solutions for Your Faulty Safe

The specific actions your technician will take will depend both on the kind of unit you have and the exact nature of the difficulty. Your service will run through a variety of stages:

Your technician will start by assessing the exact problem and then try to get the safe open without damaging it:

  1. If you’ve forgotten a combination they may be able to use a factory override to open the safe and allow you to reset it
  2. Locks can be picked if keys are lost – this takes time, patience, the right tools and skill, but your locksmith has all of these
  3. Your technician has the equipment required to diagnose electrical or software problems on electronic safes

While non-destructive methods of opening a safe are mostly successful, this can’t be guaranteed 100%:

  1. In these cases, your locksmith can drill out the locks.
  2. Once the safe is open it can be reassessed and you’ll be advised on the relative merits of repair or replacement.
  3. When you need access to the contents of the safe urgently you can request opening by the fastest possible method.

Quality Control for Safe Opening Work

  • Your service will be delivered by an operative with specialist training
  • Potentially damaging methods of safe opening are only used with your permission
  • Your worker will be a reference-vetted individual who arrives in uniform and carries ID

How to Arrange Your Service

  • Ring us anytime on our customer support number for a free quote
  • Safe opening in London can be booked for weekdays or weekends
  • Urgent enquiries are welcome and fast response services are available